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The Real Secret

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In the end, actions create results, right?

Can anyone really dispute this?

Nothing happens unless you act?

Well, I guess quantum physics believers, you know, those that love the book the Secret, may quibble and say action isn’t even necessary, but let’s at least concede the point that action creates result.

What do we mean by action? Well. Making a phone call, asking a question to a potential client or referral source, writing a blog, reconciling the check book, and on and on, are all actions.

However, actions are born in thoughts, aren’t they?

Before we take any action, it is born in a thought.

No one can credibly argue that point.

Therefore, thoughts, as many have said, are the mother and father, of action.

But, what does this actually mean?

Well, it seems that thoughts control both the quality and quantity of our actions.

Let’s take a twelve year old that wants to learn to hit a baseball better.

Well, the potential ultimate result of hitting a baseball better was “born” as a thought. The thought: “I would like to be a better baseball player.” Or perhaps the notion, “If I was better at baseball it would feel awesome.”

Then the boy goes to the idea: “well, I’ve got to practice.”

Then the boy starts “practicing”.

Ultimately, the boy succeeds through hard work and practice and lives happily ever after.

That’s how the surface level feel good movie ends.

How many people, though, does this actually work for?

Isn’t it true, that in large measure, people don’t reach all of their goals and dreams?

Well, in the context of business, and little league baseball, and everything else I would submit, according to Forbes magazine, quoting Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 businesses fail.


If it is so easy to “work hard” and “practice” why would 80 percent of new businesses fail?

Well, there are many reasons, but the failure is born out of the mind of the business owner, in precisely the same way success is born.

No different than the twelve year old baseball player, the quality of the subsequent and consistent daily thoughts of the business owner, create a path, a trajectory if you will, that over time, leads to a destination.

That destination will or won’t be what the person wants, but it will be a destination for sure. Time insures this.

The reason for failure, which we will continue to explore here and discuss, is a lack of consistently controlling the focus of our minds to be relentlessly consistent in taking massive action, which ceaselessly evolves to become ever more optimized to efficiently creating our results.

Bill Gates, Lincoln, Edison, King, Bird, Brooks, Ali, Ghandi, and virtually every leader who ever created massive results in their area of expertise, did precisely that.

So why doesn’t everyone?


No, I don’t think so.

I don’t believe any of the people I mentioned above were all that disciplined.

Then how did they do it?

How did those people and any of the millions of incredibly and uniquely successful people throughout the history of our planet break the curve and achieve a truly unique level of success, meaning their desired results, in their chosen area?

They learned to control their minds, and therefore actions, by learning to be relentlessly consistent.

How did they do this?

They learned to love the process so much it simply became a part of who they were and what they feel happy or other desired positive emotions.

This is the true “secret” to success.

It is not the end. No, Larry Bird certainly didn’t just “work hard”.

He evolved. He grew. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year.

So did Bill Gates.

That’s what they all do and did.

My passion is the study of success.

I do not believe anyone has truly captured the perfect system to teach business people, and people in general, to succeed.

There are wonderful bits and pieces.

No one has the whole system fully and perfectly optimized.

This includes me.

I feel like I have a lot of it. I have the map, but there are levels of optimization to go in controlling the mind.

This is my true mission and life’s work.

This is our quest at the Business Mastery Club and Callagy Law.

It isn’t however, about trying a million different ideas.

It is about systematically improving and learning from the mistakes and successes of the millions upon millions that have gone before us.

Isn’t this how Edison invented the light bulb?

So, control your mind and control your success.

This is the beginning of our journey.

Most business people will fail to “succeed”, meaning: to achieve their desired goals, whatever they are.

We are here to unlock the true secrets of success.

Step 1, control your mind?

But how?

That will be our next discussion and ongoing search.


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