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Why Attend CBMC?

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Why Attend CBMC?

September 23, 2014
Why Attend CBMC?

Dear Friends and Friends to Be:

On September 30, 2014, we will be hosting our **** Callagy Business Mastery Club (“CBMC”) meeting. 

What are the 5 reasons you don’t want to miss CBMC on September 30th?

What is the CMBC?

Callagy Business Mastery Club (“CBMC“) is a club of people who own businesses, are involved in sales or business development, and want to see their business grow to the point that it provides a massive abundance of money, freedom, joy, fun, adventure, and whatever else they want, and it does it on auto pilot (also known as being a “Level  7″ business owner).

So, why not attend?

By the way, “Why Not” is the title of the new book that I’m writing.

Unfortunately, you are most likely still making decisions on a “Why” level, so I will give you your “why’s” (you’re much better off simply saying “Why Not?!” and attending — that’s what the most successful people today, and throughout history, like Einstein, Washington, Edison, Ford, and so on, do and did).

So confirm your spot now!

Still contemplating watching some TV on September 30th instead of having an awesome night with me?

Here are the 5 reasons you don’t want to miss CBMC on September 30th:

Ok, so here is reason number 1:

  1. If you want more from your business, or your life, Callagy Business Mastery Club is THE place to get it.

This is an ongoing, monthly (except for Summer-so we are just getting fired up again) program to share with you, or just remind you and motivate you, to do what are the optimal and most efficient things to grow your business. And signing up is easy! Just click here.

We teach you one comprehensive system, based on my 27 year study of the world of peak performance and optimal business development – resulting in my starting and building 4 successful companies, including my 120 person law firm, and my new office in Arizona.

Most people are lost trying to figure out what to do. They become unmotivated, stop taking action and resign themselves to: “that’s life.”  NO! That’s A LIE!

If you don’t have what you want, there are very specific reasons that are easily self-diagnosed through our program.

This includes thinking you know “what” to do, but just don’t get yourself to do it!

All results flow from three things. At CBMC we teach you those three things.

So, yes, now you are coming, right? Please call our office or click on here and confirm. Alissa wants to talk to you and welcome you to CMBC! Call 201-261-1700 or click here to say yes now!!

Reserve your seat here!

Still thinking of catching up on the bills on September 30th?  Eeeeessshhhhhh, okay.

  1. I bet you that you don’t have one complete system with three parts to take your life and business to the next level, so why not get it from me?!

Most people are always reading the next book. WHAT NEXT BOOK? Each of the next books, is a rehash of some part of the one complete system for producing results. Everything is here in one place.

All of the books can be very confusing. We eliminate confusion and give you one process and system, essentially including all of the books and programs out there.

So, call 201-261-1700 or click here and say yes to CMBC now.

If you’ve read this far, you want more. So, act now!

Okay, I promised 5 reasons, so here’s number three:

  1. You will get real feedback as to whether your process to relationship development, including rapport building, conveying your unique personal and business identity and agreement formation (what lesser programs call “closing”) is working or not working.

You would be crazy to miss this!

So many people do act. Then, they get nowhere. If that is you, something is going wrong for you in how you are communicating face to face with potential clients and referral sources.

At CMBC you will get that real world feedback that you are not going to get anywhere else that I know of.

CMBC is so unique that I have to write something this long OR you will mistakenly compare it to other things with which you are familiar.

This is NOT a networking event – – although you can and will, if you do it right – – create new strategic relationships.

This is not simply a lecture.

This is not a “motivational speech”.

This is not a guru club.

This is like being part of a paid coaching and training program!!!!!

So, call 201-261-1700 or click here and sign up for CMBC NOW!!!!!!!

Still thinking of shampooing your hair that night?


  1. It’s FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! No cost to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This program used to cost $7,200.00. Yes, that’s Seven Thousand Two Hundred Dollars!!!!!!!!!

I’m giving this away, and I won’t be forever, to re-launch into the coaching, speaking and training world, plus to teach my law firm the program, plus to meet lots of great new people.

So, you are the beneficiary of my insane generosity, and simply blessed and fortunate timing for you.

Oh yeah, and I really do love sharing and helping people, especially those who want to go places and are open to development!!!!!

If you haven’t said yes yet, why not!?!?!?!?

Unless it is back to school night or your children have a ball game, you are objectively wrong for not coming.

Okay, if it is your anniversary or birthday, you also get a pass.

Those are the only legitimate objections (plus health considerations, etc but that’s obvious).

If you have a client meeting, then BRING them!!!!!!!!!!

This brings me to my fifth reason:

  1. There is no better place to bring a potential or existing client or a potential or existing strategic relationship or referral source.

Why? Because the entire night has great energy, learning, openness and creates the perfect environment for people opening up, deepening relationships and doing business!!!!!!!!!

I always ask myself: would I go?

The answer to most things is NO WAY!!!!!! Networking meetings are generally a waste of time, unless you know what we teach.

Motivational speeches are infinitely fleeting.

This is designed specifically to help you produce results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was born out of me never wanting to go to the things other people professed would help build your business.

It was born out of reading incomplete books or hearing weak speakers who had no credibility!

Okay, I’m going into bonus land.

If you’re still reading, you must just like me, so I’ll give you some more reasons!

  1. We build in a strategic relationship development component to help you actually create business at the event!!!!!!!
  2. We feed you!!!!! For free!!!!!!!!!!
  3. My co-host is Ben Burton, a Level 7 business owner who has built an insanely successful life completely on his own terms through Business Mastery and with some help from me!!!! Yes, he helps me as well.
  4. I will make you realize very quickly that I know what I’m doing AND how much you either don’t know or simply aren’t using. By the way, this applies to even Level 7 Business Owners.
  5. You will be around very nice, normal people who are committed to growth and development as well. This gives you a wonderful sense of accountability and motivation that is essential in any process of growth and development.

I promised 5 reasons, and I gave you 10!

Even with zero reasons, you should come anyway. Why Not? It is one night of your life and you get fed for free.

If you’ve come before, you are quadrupily (I hope that’s a word) nuts for not coming back.

I’m tired. I wrote this on Saturday morning at 6 am down at the beach. We are down here for my son’s 15thbirthday! It seems like only a minute ago, we were here for his first birthday.

Now, it’s time to hit the waves and go surfing with my kids.

One final tip: Do you know that Long Beach Island, New Jersey was voted the number two swimming beach in America by Dr. Beach at Florida International University?

If you love the Ocean, go to Beach Haven or Holgate during low tide and you will catch the best body surfing waves in America that you can ride for 50 to 100 yards.

Hope you have an amazing day!!!!!

Say, Why NOT!!!!!!

Come meet me on September 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!

In your service,

Sean Callagy

Reserve Your Seat Here or call 201-261-1700 and ask to speak with Alissa.

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