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Callagy Arizona – Not Just Another Law Firm

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Callagy Arizona – Not Just Another Law Firm

Written by Christian C.M. Beams, Partner, Callagy Law – Arizona

Christian C.M. Beams

For fifteen years, I have openly shared with my clients the common goal I have for each of them:  to improve their bottom line, even at the expense of my own.   And let’s face it, lawyers are expensive.

So how does one, on the one hand, make a living litigating cases predominantly on an hourly basis, while on the other, counsel their clients on litigation avoidance?  Put another way, is showing a client how to avoid litigationakin to working oneself out of a job?  It is an intellectual conflict with which I’ve seen many lawyers grapple.

But not me.  Not Callagy Law.

Is your skeptic radar going up?

I was excited to join Callagy Law and lead its Phoenix expansion because our firm’s approach takes this commitment to prioritizing our clients’ bottom line over our own to another level in a very simple, and yet profound way:  it is consistent and unwavering among every Callagy professional with whom you will interact.   We do not tolerate anything less.

We don’t just help you with your legal problems when they arise, we will proactively come to you, review your business contracts, and discuss how they can be improved so that your risk of future litigation goes down.  We also – free of charge – help your business improve from the inside.  One need only attend a single Callagy Business Mastery Club – active in New Jersey and coming soon to Arizona – to see the dynamic and outside-the-box ways we help you reach and exceed your goals.

The bottom line is this: business improvement is what we do. Callagy Law is a firm comprised of lawyers committed to helping you and your business get better, become more enjoyable and become more lucrative.  And that will be the focus of this blog.  What, specifically, are ways our clients can improve their business?  Future posts will cover a wide array of topics, from getting in front of, and efficiently resolving, potential disputes before they arise, to effective management of outside counsel when issues do arise, getting your legal documents in order, to collecting receivables, to handling employee disputes, and to dealing with auditors and regulators.  And again, all with the same central and unwavering theme:  we are here to improve your bottom line and make yourbusiness more successful.

We look forward to proving, through our actions, that we’re not just another law firm.

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Callagy Arizona: Not Just Another Law Firm

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