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Client Liaisons — The Key to Provider Relations

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Client Liaisons — The Key to Provider Relations

Patrycja Stoj, Client Liaison, Callagy Law

Patrycja Stoj, Client Liaison, Callagy Law

Written By:  Patrycja Stoj, Client Liaison of Callagy Law

Being a client liaison at times is not an easy task.  Some interactions with our client-providers are relatively smooth, but others, to say the least, might be somewhat difficult to manage.   The key to managing these difficult interactions effectively—like so many other challenges in life—is communication.

We must, as liaisons, be able to speak candidly and openly with providers about what we can achieve for them and what we cannot achieve for them.  Every claim is different.  Every patient, with their unique set of injuries, and their unique circumstances, presents unique challenges to medical providers, and in turn, might present unique challenges to the firm seeking to maximize, under the law,  reimbursement for those services.  Just as medical providers need to make judgment calls when treating their patients, attorneys for medical providers, who are seeking reimbursement from insurance carriers, must make judgment calls as to the best manner in which to proceed, taking into account the medical records and clinical explanations available or not available.  Explaining the nature of these judgment calls to medical providers often is a critical part of what a liaison is called upon to do.  Callagy Law proceeds with the best interests of our clients in mind at all steps in the arbitration process.  As liaisons, it is up to us to communicate this to our medical providers, and we need to do so clearly and as often as it takes for their expectations to meet the reality of the recovery process.

Good communication requires not only speaking to our providers about what they can expect, but also listening closely to what they expect.  Third Level listening—which has been the subject of some of the training at the Callagy Business Mastery Club sessions—refers to focused, attentive listening and comprehension of what someone is communicating to you, and responding in a way that conveys this focus.  As liaisons, we should be priding ourselves on this type of attentiveness with our providers, and we should respond to our providers in a meaningful way that conveys our sincere concern and understanding.  We are in large measure the face of Callagy Law.  Our role is to assist our attorneys in obtaining what they need and to assist our providers in understanding how we can most effectively benefit them.

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