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“It sounds too good to be true!” is a mantra we have heard and is a sentiment completely understandable when we describe what we do in the world of PIP/No Fault for medical providers.  We pursue claims against insurance carriers when they unjustly deny or underpay medical providers for medical treatment rendered to patients injured in motor vehicle accidents.  If we win, the insurance carrier pays the costs and fees; if we lose, the law firm foots the bill for the costs and its legal services.  All around, it is a complete Win for the medical provider, since he assumes no risk, and faces nothing but the possibility of reward.  It is hard to find a better deal than that.

There is reluctance, nevertheless, on the part of some medical providers to undertake PIP arbitrations under the above circumstances, but not for the reasons you might think.  Their reluctance is not because they believe it sounds too good to be true.  The reluctance comes from what appears to be fear on the part of some billing personnel.  If what we describe is true, and we recover substantial amounts of money, some apparently fear that they will be perceived as not doing their jobs effectively.  If what we say is not true, and we do not recover significant amounts of money, it would have been a waste of the billing personnel’s time.  Please do not let your medical practice be victimized by this sense of fear.  You are already being victimized by insurance carriers.

First, medical practices often have to learn the difficult and frustrating terrain of insurance carrier reimbursements.  So many new doctors and medical practitioners are shocked at the business side of the medical world, particularly when it comes to insurance carrier reimbursements.  Learning the ins and outs of insurance carrier recovery is not easy, it requires experience, and it requires a team of billing, collection and legal personnel, all working together to maximize reimbursements.  There is no reason to fear the assistance of an experienced, aggressive advocate looking to assist you in your recovery efforts.  They should be looked at as a welcome addition to any recovery team.

Second, insurance carriers, who are underpaying you—intentionally and at times deceitfully—are the only ones who win in this scenario.  You are their victims.  Do not let your own self-consciousness enable them to continue to get away with their misbehavior.

Finally, our team of liaisons is available to assist you in any way you wish to help expedite the recovery process.  They can be the ones spending all the time and exerting all the effort on your behalf.  They can become additional personnel at your disposal, doing the leg work necessary so that our efforts never become your efforts.

The bottom line is there is no down side to pursuing PIP arbitrations when warranted.  Do not let the fear of success lead you to fail.  We can help you succeed.  Allow us to do that.



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